Anonymous said: You know what always annoys me? When people come through the drive thru and asks for a traveler. One time this woman came in and asked for one, and I told her it would be about 10 minutes. She asked to just have 6 venti cups of brewed coffee. I had to explain to her that we gotta brew the coffee first, you know? It just kills me how people think they're so entitled.

We actually ask people to come inside if they order a traveler. Most do. If they don’t, we make them pull around and tell them someone will bring it to them when it’s done. When they ask how long it will take, we just smile and shrug.


Anonymous said: Not a barista, but a regular, i like to do school work at starbucks so i spend some time there everyday and maybe it's a cultural thing, but in the years i've been doing this i've only ever seen people ask for a drink to be remade, if it was totally a different drink than the one they ordered, never for things like "it's not hot enough" like i see in some stories here, maybe as i said it's an american thing, but it just seems so rude to me to be a bitch about things that are not vital to coffee


I’m a barista, and I had a HORRIBLE experience the other day. But this time, I was the customer. I went to a busy mall Starbucks to get a grande in a bento BHR, topped up with water and some extra ice. Not a crazy drink. I’m like 6 feet away, watching this lady make it. She puts in a Tall amount of juice and 3 berries, and when she hands it off to me it’s not even a full cup. She asks me if I want more ice in it after she sees my look of disbelief. I tell her that I want more juice, And she rolls her eyes and snarks “no, you ordered a grande. You can pay for more juice.” And I snapped at her and said very heatedly, “actually, I’m a partner, and know how my fucking drink should be made, and saw you put half as much juice as there should be. Top it up with juice.” And she just glares at me and then throws the drink my way when she’s done (probably spitting) in it. What a bitch!
As someone who KNOWS how tough working for SB can be, I can usually sympathize with a little attitude. But this was uncalled for. If I did that at my store, I would be fired.

I’m calling bullshit on you right now because if you were really a partner, you’d know that it’s “Venti” not “bento.”

Do you see how your story has holes?


bromeomontague said: Today I had a guy come in and go "I got a venti coffee earlier from you, but I threw out my cup. Can I get another one?" I had been there ALL DAY and this man had NOT come or bought a coffee earlier. And we have to charge for new cups anyway, so I charged him the regular price. He got mad, said that he had gotten a coffee from me earlier (he hadn't), said he deserved and was "DEMANDING" the refill price, said his wallet was in the car so he only had $0.53 anyway, and some meaner, dumber stuff.


ascandalinreichenbach said: I had an asshole claim that his dry cappuccino was too heavy without even tasting it and was a huge dick about it, so when I remade it, I poured out some of the espresso. All of a sudden it was the right weight :)


Anonymous said: gross drink story: we have a person who gets a vanilla bean frappuccino with 15 extra scoops of vanilla bean powder.


once someone tried to order a caramel macchiato from me but they called it a “caramel mussolini”. 


Anonymous said: To the anon who just asked about pay raise, at my store everyone is ridiculously close so we know everyone's pay rates whoops. Our baristas start at 11 and make between 11 and 12.50 depending on how long they've been here and stuff. And shifts range from 13-15. I know it's rude to ask but that can give you a bit of an estimate I guess??

Keep in mind that starting salary also depends on geographic location. Some places have a higher minimum wage than others. 


emptyovereverything said: What they may not have known is that ammonia - often associated with cleaning products - was cleared by U.S. health officials nearly 40 years ago and is used in making many foods, including cheese. Related compounds have a role in baked goods and chocolate products.

Which is why I treat what Food Girl says with the same manner I treat Fox News.

I got it from Family Guy.

Anything that Fox News (or Food Girl) says is a lie. And even if it is true, after being reported on Fox News (or Food Girl) it then becomes a lie.


Anonymous said: I'm a shift manager at a Starbucks kiosk in the middle of a mall. While bringing up more milk to stock the fridges I heard a man telling at one of my baristas. He ordered an iced white mocha and completely lost it when the baristas asked if he still wanted whipped cream on top. I explained to him that when we have ice lattes that include whipped cream because a lot of customers prefer non since the whipped cream becomes clumpy. He told me "my job is worth more than your life"

That’s a threat. I would have had mall security escort him right the fuck out.


Anonymous said: I just started on my first day of training at Starbucks and I knew that baristas had difficult jobs already - but I had nooooo idea just how much work it takes to actually be a functioning and competent barista. Major props to you and yours and everyone working at sbux because this job is definitely not for the weak. I hope I can keep up. ;.;

Good luck!


thesparkcollector said: My understanding is that the rings with no jewels rule has always been in affect, and is a health code issue designed to prevent the rocks from coming dislodged and falling in drinks. Still stupid imo.


Anonymous said: The easiest way to do a cold brew at home is with a French Press. It was actually a Starbucks barista I was speaking to once who suggested it and it's AMAZING. Just set it up and put it in the fridge overnight and in the morning you have perfectly delicious cold pressed iced coffee. The Starbucks Kati Kati blend tastes really great this way, too, when it's out.


Anonymous said: Gross drink story - I had a customer come in and he ordered a grande (in a vent cup) 10-pump Classic Starbucks double shot with "extra, extra" whipped cream and 8 pumps of vanilla ON TOP of the whipped cream and caramel drizzle. He comes in often and always orders this. I'm honestly shocked his teeth have yet to rot out of his skull.


Anonymous said: My manager makes us get in line when we want to get a glass of water in order for us to "feel the customer experience". I'm telling you ain't nobody got time for that especially when I had just been standing for 4+ hours without a break and my mouth is drier than the desert

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