Anonymous said: Any time I get barman for a cup, I write "Bruce Wayne". The 13yo hate me I think.


Anonymous said: All fellow baristas: like every person you serve, you too are human. You have emotions & dignity. If a customer is treating you like crap b/c they can't get their way, you have EVERY right to calmly but sternly stand up for yourself. At my first job, a customer in DT yelled at me over the price of a sandwich. I looked him in the eye & sternly told him to not yell at me. He immediately shut up. He wasn't expecting me to stand up for myself. My boss was standing right there. She knew I was right.

Truer words have never been spoken.


Anonymous said: Speaking of church people, a couple weeks ago a group of about 50 took over our patio and had their service there, complete with guitars, drums, and speakers. They were being so loud we were unable to take orders in drive. You wouldn't believe their faces when they were asked to either quiet down or leave.


Anonymous said: Yesterday we were in the middle of a rush and some guy comes up to the register and insists on ordering a shaken iced vanilla rooibos tea latte with vanilla bean. First of all, all of us gagged at the thought and of course it was me who had to figure out how to make it. I made him wait 6 minutes so he could hopefully rethink his life choices before giving it to him. The colour looked like puke, never again.

I hope you didn’t make it in the shaker! No dairy can go in there.


Anonymous said: Some guy did the same thing to me!Random old guy even wrote me a card and said how much he cared about me and wanted to make sure I go to heaven instead of hell for all my sins. It was a little cray


It really bugs the ever living shit out of me when people come out to the POS and do this.

Customer: Umm…lemme….get…that..uggh…caramel…..frappuccino…
Me: what size?
Customer:………uugghh…….tall….nooo…….grande….ughhh…which one is which?!



Anonymous said: hey, I'm the one who asked about the trial shift a few days ago. Just to let you know, I got a phone call today saying I got the job! I start next week and while I'm super excited I know it's going to be really hard work so I'm reading as many barista blogs as I can so I can prepare myself. Thanks again! :)

Congratulations! Welcome to the company!


thatgirlwithbigeyes said: "Hi. Could I have 25 $5 gift cards? And little cups to put them in?" no. Go away.

There’s actually an easy way to ring them all up! Do quantity -> the number of cards -> Activate Starbucks Card -> enter the dollar amount all the cards are being activated for… in this case, $5, and then just swipe cards until it’s done. It beats individually activating each one for a specific dollar amount.


Anonymous said: Where did you get the info about exceeding so many ounces being against policy? I'm an ssv and have never read this anywhere or even heard it mentioned?

It’s literally all over the Portal and Corporate just sent out yet another reminder this weekend. They even made a snarky Instagram post this weekend where there was a big white bucket surrounded by cups, labeled “One of these things is not like the others.”

Go to the portal and look up old Action Items, because I assure you it’s there.


leesedits said: Have you ever had someone give you a fandom name to write on their cup? I'd think it would be awesome if someone gave the name "24601" for example. :)

The more creative the more I enjoy it. I would have loved “24601” but usually I get “Batman” or something boring. I’d really just like to see someone truly wow me with an amazing reference to one of my favorite fandoms. Unfortunately, still hasn’t happened.

And while I’m a fan of The Hunger Games, I got tired of the “Primrose Everdeen” and “I VOLUNTEER!” response REALLY quickly.


Anonymous said: Have you ever totally lost it on a customer? I did today, and it's the first time in 7 years. I totally snapped and told a guy he was acting like a 5 year old and refused him service. He made up a BS story for my manager but my manager sided with me. I didn't get a write up and am now the hero of the cafe but I feel bad. Not because the dude didn't deserve it but because I feel like I've somehow failed the extreme tolerance test of being a barista.

Yeah. There are three customers I’ve ever completely lost my shit on. All three of them deserved it and I have no regrets about any of it.


Anonymous said: had a lady come in ask for a hot Teavana Oprah Chai with no pumps?!? she got all pissy when we informed her that's called steamed milk n hot water


variousfeelings said: Can we refuse customers trenta cups of ice? A lot of people at my store will get an espresso (usually triple shot), and then a trenta cup of ice so they can go to the condiment bar to make themselves an iced breve latte. Not only does it slightly irk me because of their cheap actions, it also scares me that someone form corporate will see it.

If you witness them doing it, then maybe you could under the “espresso drinks/trenta size” rule and say that if they do it again, you will not serve them the cup of ice. But you should make sure a shift/manager is going to back you up on that.



I work in a franchise store in a cinema (UK) and we’ve been dead lately, but yesterday I get in and its super busy (which I love!) But I had to make all the drinks on my own and there was a constant line of them and I think I handled it well but later someone else got put on and they were backed up with 5 drinks and they can’t handle more than 3 at anytime and it really annoys me as they’re always on bar as well! Ahh I just needed to vent, thank you for your amazing blog! :)


cyn-ominchallenge said: I didnt know you could make an iced cappuccino. It makes me so angry that its a thing.

Join the club.

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