Anonymous said: we get a lady who orders a venti hot white mocha with 14 raw sugars. but she emphasizes the "non-fat and no whip" so annoying


If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it when a parent comes through DT with their child. Either:

A) the child is screaming literally so loudly (for no reason at all, not even words) that every barista needs to take off their head set, after going deaf from ear piercing screams

B) The parent is ordering for the child and has no idea what the hell the drink is, and just just making up shit

or my least favorite:

C) When the parent decides they are done with their order, drives up to the window, and then asks us to add on their child’s choice of drink. Then gets infuriated that the child has no idea what she/he wants and starts screaming at the poor kid when it’s the parent’s fault for leaving the menu without consulting their child if they wanted a drink in the first place


Anonymous said: hi I know Starbucks uses pumps in their drinks but how many counts is a pump?? People always ask for pumps of a flavor and at our coffee shops we're just like "uhhhhh we do counts" and they somehow get offended

I have no idea what a “count” is…


Anonymous said: You're prob just gonna delete this post but I need to rant. Why the fuck do people feel like they can treat service workers however the fuck they want to? Why all the fucking attitude and rudeness? And why so many fucking stupid questions? Just ughh

I’m not deleting this post because I’m right there with you.


Anonymous said: Why do you think people have to get a "decaf 2 pump mocha whole milk xtra hot no foam no whip mocha Venti ". Help me understand I don't understand why ? I can't ever imagine myself doing this, it's simply dumb it's just crazy

My Store Manager and I literally had the conversation today of how people arrive at the drinks they have and think “OK! That’s my drink!” Like what was the process that lead to this?


Anonymous said: Have you ever had a horrible shift ? How did you deal with it ? I know that being a shift has more responsibilities but I work with this person every single day and it just gets tiring

Well… there are different types of “Horrible Shift”

There’s the “mean and asshole” shift, to which I first try to ask what’s the issue, then I go to the SM, and if that doesn’t help, I respond with a healthy dose of wit and snark to ensure that they realize, I’m not fucking around.

Then there’s the “Incompetent, holy fuck how did you get promoted?” who I just look at and am like…

There comes a point when you just have to call people on their BS and make them own up to it. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had some shifts who really should be store managers because they’re amazing. And then there are the ones that are on some sort of little power trip and have let it all get to their heads. I just have to remind them… you’re a Shift Supervisor at Starbucks, not the fucking Queen.


Anonymous said: One of my partners once asked for a frappucino from the secret menu that included the otmeal nuts. It was the most pain in the ass frappucino I ever had to make. I could've filled the cup with sugar and it still wouldn't conspire to the amount of stickiness and Caramel ooze in their drink

You can’t put any sort of nuts in the blender. That’s an allergen firestorm.


Anonymous said: One day two teenage girls watched in awe as my other partner made their drinks while I was doing the lobby, then they proceeded to ask me if it was fun working here and that one day they couldn't wait to be baristas themselves. And the whole time I was like -_- no


Anonymous said: How do you handle co workers that you don't like?


garage-team said: Why do some SMs or shifts use "Just Say Yes" as an excuse? Most of the time they're losing money in the process.

Beats me!


Anonymous said: In Canada, we can take big bills if a shift supervisor or your SM had okayed it. They do the counterfeit check.


Anonymous said: Re: large bills. I wish I had the problem of only having a wad of $100s to pay for my coffee. But I don't. Because I'm the one who puts up with you assholes and gets paid just over minimum wage to do it. So go whine about breaking your hundred-dollar bill somewhere else. I'm not sympathetic. At all. Sorry, rant over.

OH MY GOD! Me too… the only time I ever see a Benjamin is when I’m withdrawing money from my bank for the money order I need to pay rent… so it’s literally in my hand for all of like 5 minutes and then it’s gone and I’m broke and I’m sad. It must be SOOO difficult for people who pay their bills and then still have that much money left over for stuff. I’m so sad for them…


Anonymous said: So i'm going back to work on register after surgery and i cant lift more then 2.5 pounds, i'm only going back because i was 6 hours off of 240 hours for health insurance and lost it, do you think register work would be okay? i'm afraid. My new asm i think is going to get pissed because he is very impatient and i will be slower... carry scissors for opening food things? anything else i cant think of? surgery on my arm by the way, my left arm :<

Your ASM can get the hell over it. At least you’re making an attempt to come back to work. I think they could provide reasonable accommodation and if not, that’s technically illegal. 


Anonymous said: The other day when I was working I had a customer who ordered a "cinnamon dolce coffee" but when we gave it to him he said he couldn't taste the cinnamon, so I have him a few more pumps and have him his drink back. Then he came back again claiming "I can't drink this, all I want is my cinnamon dolce!" My coworker figured out he wanted a LATTE not a COFFEE. I understand that some people don't understand all the fancy words on the menu, I just wish people would ask when they don't understand.


Anonymous said: "And I can't believe that I have to pay 15¢ more for a cup of coffee, just because Starbucks is sending YOU GUYS through school! How is that my problem?!" Okay, asshole... I've never been so angry at a customer. (Whether the facts are true or not)

The biggest flaw in that logic also comes from one of Starbucks’ little dirty secrets… not a cent of that money for the Arizona State University thing is coming out of Starbucks’ pockets. It’s all grants and stuff being offered through the University itself. Starbucks has contributed a whopping ZERO dollars to it.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: It was just a PR stunt.

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