Anonymous asked: oh holy hell speaking of frappy hour we HAD two blenders but one broke last week. we still haven't gotten it replaced. the thing about breaking my foot was (mostly) a joke but i am dead serious when i say that if we go into frappy hour with only one functioning blender i am going to arrange an unfortunate accident. we can't make frappucinos if BOTH blenders are broken. :3

Your store will likely borrow an extra blender from another store. And if you get caught, you’ll be fired. It’s not worth it!


Anonymous asked: so we're getting mocha cookie crumble, caramel crunch, some variation on the espresso frappucino. the frappy hour playlist had better be really fucking good because otherwise i might just "accidentally" drop a brewer on my foot and go on disability for a week or so.

Sounds like a plan, Anon! Let’s do it!


Anonymous asked: I don't work as a barista, but while I was waiting in line the customer in front of me had the barista explain what every drink was, including a detailed process of what a mocha is and how it's made. I felt bad for the barista (who didn't get a tip from them) so I put extra in the tip jar.


Anonymous asked: Hello! My Starbucks just started doing PlayBook and I was wondering what your feelings about it is? If you work at a Starbucks, I am not sure.

I hate Playbook. I DETEST Store Support. Order Support kind of confuses me…


Anonymous asked: Have you guys gotten the updated store display for the new Oprah chai yet? She apparently bought some of Teavana so we have this huge poster of her staring at us making drinks from the coffee and merchandise display that just happens to be directly across from us. My manager has even taken to turning her around when it gets later in the day.

That’s both creepy and hilarious. And yeah, we have our signage.


Anonymous asked: My friend works at a Starbucks in a bookstore and she's always telling me horror stories about that place... She's worked there for over a year and the stories she tells ALWAYS involve mind-blowingly rude and/or idiotic people... They seem to keep getting worse.... I'm planning on showing her this blog, so hopefully she can make new barista friends :D (Also, I've always made sure to be extra nice to baristas, but after hearing all the stories, I've ramped up the kindness by at least 1000x)


Anonymous asked: There was a big debacle at my store concerning phone numbers. This hella creepy man paid a barista two hundred bucks to give him the phone number of a partner. The barista that gave out the personal information lost his job, and the partner who's personal information was given out ended up having to change numbers and get a restraining order on the customer.

Yeah, just FYI: It is ILLEGAL to give a coworker’s information to a customer.


llamacadet asked: We have a lady come in (I work at Starbucks) and order a Shaken Passion Tea with FIFTY pumps of classic PLUS a cup with only ANOTHER fifty pumps of classic in it. I shit you not. She drinks pure syrup.


bangarang-rachel asked: I work for Starbucks to, so I understand :) I read something somewhere that said what a misto really was, and I looked it up just to make sure, and found out that the person who posted about it being half Americano, half steamed milk was right. Haha. But if someone orders a misto and they are used to it being half coffee, that's how I make it.


I was making a grande dry cappuccino for a man. I usually steam the milk really well, so when I free pour it’s pretty damn light and at the consistency it needs to be. As I was pouring it the man goes rather rudely, “I just want to let you know,  you made me a latte.” He looks and continues, “It’s supposed to be a third, a third, and a third. What you just did is a latte.” I offered to remake it, he refused and said, “Just thought you should know.” It bugged me for the rest of the day. My shift even asked me, “Did you make it right?” I showed her how I did it, she felt it and got really confused as to why the man even made a comment in the first place. 


Today the SM gave us a printed copy of the “secret menu” to keep at the registers in preparation for Frappuccino Happy Hour. It is at least 10 pages long.

It’s going to be hell.


Anonymous asked: Recently there was some discussion about giving phone numbers to baristas and I wanted to share that today a customer (who is a creep who always STARES at the girls) actually did just that. Our SM is going to ban him from the store because that sort of attention is NOT as flattering as people think it is!


Anonymous asked: If you asked for less espresso, will your drink cost less?

No, not typically.



Grande White Mocha Fappaccino Light:
8 pumps of white mocha
7 pumps of toffee nut
.25 pump of hazlenut
extra ice in a venti cup.

and the woman repeated multiple times to make it light. or say no whip over and over.

the syrups alone went to the bottom line of the venti cup


ladamesavage asked: I follow a lot of barista and cashier blogs but do you or your followers know of any blogs like this for waiters? I can't seem to find any. <3 BTW I love seeing you guys on my dash!

The author of this blog also has two HYSTERICAL books that I strongly recommend to ANYONE who works food service (and everyone else so they don’t do the things that piss us off)


Definitely worth checking out.

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