ifellytone asked: Man walks in, asks for a Grande Extra Drizzle Caramel Macchiato. I put twice the amount I usually do and he hands it back saying, "umm can you squeeze more caramel, I don't take any sugar in there." I hope to dear God he doesn't put any more sugar in there.


awkwarduterus asked: I hope that the person who needs a "cream rinse" at least gets charged for a cup of milk. I don't work at a Bucks, but we make smoothies with a juice base, and one time a woman wanted water instead of juice. When I told her I could use our filtered tap water she got disgusted and when I told her she would need to buy a bottle of water if she wanted to use that she got FURIOUS.

People need to stop expecting stuff for free. Then maybe they wouldn’t have their bubbles popped by reality.


Anonymous asked: Is a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso the same as a mocha, and would it be better price-wise to just get a mocha? Sorry if that's a silly question!

The hot chocolate plus mocha will also have vanilla in it… but I’m not sure about the price. Personally, I say just get a mocha.


Anonymous asked: Is ask me code for decaf on d-thru stores?

Each store has their own.


Anonymous asked: Please tell me you hate doing pour overs as much as I do? They are the bane of my existence and I must get at least 7-10 blonde orders a day. I think I'd rather make frappuccinos. Plus the creepers always walk up and say 'I'll have a tall blonde." and then give me a wink. I want to pour their coffee down their pants.

I hate making pour-overs. I agree. I’d rather do a frappuccino.


wadiin asked: Someone ordered another iced cappuccino from me yesterday. I told her it was weird but I can do it and her response was "you should go to Starbucks and try one! They're so good!" My response was "I'd rather not"

They’re a health code violation… I don’t understand why people like them!



Anonymous asked: So a question about our espresso machines - you know the number that appears just after the shot pours? Is that the time it took for the shot to pull, or the average? If you hit the + and - buttons, it shows more numbers... Another barista was barring and I was observing how long it took the shot to pour. The bigger number read 23 but other screen showed times like 28, 30, 31... I'm looking for a 2nd opinion because two of my SS's agreed with her that the bigger number is the time for each shot.

The number that appears right after the shot finishes pulling SHOULD be the correct time. If there is a difference… you might want to call the bar in to Facilities.


Anonymous asked: somebody somehow stole 2 of our tip jars (worker) so our tips this week were so shitty. how does a partner steal 2 whole tip jars without anyone knowing!

You’re sure it’s a partner who did it?


Anonymous asked: We have a customer who comes in and orders all of his drinks made "a cream rinse." Essentially he wants us to fill his cup with steam milk, milk, or cream dump it out, then prepare his drink in the cup.

… that’s just wasteful.


therockstarbarista asked: frappachino happy hour is coming up and it's my first one. what should I expect? To give you an idea of my location, i work at a SBUX in Midtown Manhattan lol. I'm kind of excited


Anonymous asked: Sometimes your order is perfectly reasonable but your barista throws an "ask me" on it because you're a jerk who's about to get decaffed.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. YES.


The other day a girl ordered a grande iced green tea latte: “but can I have it blended?” I laughed all day.


My lesson of the day:

A “regular black coffee” apparently actually means “a large coffee with room”

Some days I just can’t with people *sigh*


Anonymous asked: When does frap happy hour start?

Too freaking soon.


starkwords asked: We have a dude who orders his cappuccino "medium dry." I pretty much just make it however I want. He hasn't complained yet.

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