princess-dork-fucker said: What are good sweeter drinks? I love love love coffee but I'm still getting used to the bitterness, so I've been trying to find a drink that's sweet(er) but I've been avoiding frappes like the plague. I really liked the salted caramel mocha when it was around, but regular caramel mocha isn't doing it for me (unless it's just the place I go to, it's tasted almost powdery). Thank you if you can give me some advice; this blog is absolutely wonderful >v<!

White mocha! And during the holidays, caramel brulee.


justafatgirlinaskinnyworld said: So I'm not a barista, I actually work at mcdonalds but I just want to say I feel for all of you guys! I've had some awful customers in the short two weeks I've been working at mcdonalds but nothing like what y'all go through, I doubt I would be able to handle it. But I just want y'all to know that you're appreciated!


Anonymous said: My coffee shop just went from a proudly brew caribou to a proudly serve starbucks. I I ally understand what you mean about fraps.

Good luck, fellow barista. The instagram-obsessed white girls are coming…


Anonymous said: I'm at Starbucks 50% of the time and my biggest pet peeve is when I overhear saying people "I want" like where do people get their manners from? Do you have any to begin with ?

I know! I always say “May I please have a __________?” whenever I go somewhere else.


Anonymous said: Hey, just wanted to thank you. I have anxiety to the point that I can't even get a job (I blow every interview), and the few times I've tried talking about it irl, I've been disregarded and told I'm being unreasonable. So your answer to that anon who had the accident was really refreshing (apologies to anon, this isn't anything against you) and I just appreciate it a lot. Thank you :)

No problem!


I totally understand why Starbucks doesn’t give the mess ups away! I work at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and it’s our policy to basically force the mess ups on customers and I SWEAR customers take full advantage of it.

Like, for example this one customer ordered a large cup of regular coffee in the drive through, I heard her, it wasn’t that busy to where I would’ve gotten this confused, she said “a large cup of coffee”. When she got to the window she said she actually asked for a “regular size mocha latte”. Umm well guess what? We had to make her a regular mocha latte (without recharging her) AND give her that large cup of coffee we poured.

This is just one example: people often walk/drive away with both iced AND hot lattes, multiple ice blendeds, etc. and I swear some people do it on purpose b/c there isn’t that much miscommunication in the world… Plus the smirks say it all. No wonder our drink prices keep going up.


Anonymous said: So some kids asked me for an oreo frappucino today. I did my standard what's in it spiel, and the one kid was like "...oreos?" I held back my "are you fucking kidding me" face... barely.


Anonymous said: This may seem odd, (and I've realized from your blog that baristas hate Frappuccinos for some reason) but are fraps with no coffee a thing? (sorry, i don't even go to starbucks at all, or drink coffee, i saw someone mention it on your blog and was confused.)

Yeah… they’re a thing. But it makes me want to jettison myself off this planet.


bex-la said: I saw a story implying that baristas dislike making the iced tea lemonade. Is that true? If so, why?

I personally don’t mind it. The act of shaking it REALLY helps me get out my frustration.



Don’t People Know How to Read??

So I have had customers lately pointing to pastries they want in the pastry case. They say “I want this one.” Or they will ask “what is in this??” without telling me what pastry they are referring to.  And I am like 5’11 and so for me have to bend down to try and see what you’re pointing at it is extremely annoying for me. There are signs there for a reason to indicate what pastry there is. Read the goddam sign and tell me what pastry you want or want to know about. And its also kind of funny with the cake pops specifically since some customers think the Birthday Cake Pop is a Strawberry and sometimes I don’t care to correct them and I just wonder if they would be disappointed when eating them. Its kind of funny. I mean there is a sign that says Birthday Cake Pop so its their own damn fault for assuming its strawberry. 


My good day was nearly ruined.

Today, I was a borrowed partner at a store. It was a LONG shift and I didn’t get much sleep last night, so I was not looking forward to it.

But as it turned out, that store is amazing. All of the partners were incredibly nice and the regulars were great, too… well, most of them, but we’ll get to that in a second. I saw some of my regulars and after a bit of good-natured ribbing about them “cheating” on my store, I got into a conversation with the shift supervisor who actually used to work at my store.

We were catching up on what had been going on in our lives since we last saw each other. She asked me about my plans on leaving the company and I told her my reasons and our conversation finished right as a guy came into the store and started walking up to the POS. He got to the POS right as I was finishing what I was going to say. I turned from my shift and greeted him by saying, “Good afternoon! What can I get started for you?”

He stood there and said, “No… you can finish your conversation.”

I replied, “I did. What would you like?”

Him: “No… obviously your conversation is more important than your customer… so please…”

At this point, I’m getting really annoyed because if he were at my store, I’d have just made a quippy remark and been done with it… but I was being borrowed and was trying to be on my absolute best behavior. He then says, “Now is it not the policy to stop your conversations when a customer comes up to the counter?” Mind you… we did.

I refused to play his bullshit game, so I again asked him what he wanted to drink. And then he asked me the same question about ending conversations, only this time, he said my name in the most condescending angry-parent tone of voice. That sent my blood boiling. Had I been at my store, I would have told him to stop being an ass and just order. But alas, I was not at my store, so I again asked him what he would like to drink, while looking at the shift like…

Him: “Oh… so you’re not going to answer my question?”

I rolled my eyes and said, “You won’t answer mine, so I guess we’re quid-pro-quo.”

The shift then looked at him and asked what he wanted. Apparently he’s a regular there. I rang him out and wrote his cup. As I handed him his receipt, I said very softly and very quickly, “Fuck you, have a nice day.”

He must have heard it because he was like, “What?!”

I smiled at him and said, “I said ‘Thank you and have a nice day.’”

But by this point, I was about ready to murder him. Thank GOD the phone rang. I told the shift I would answer it in the back room, and smiled and said, “You know me and conversations…”

She told me that this guy is there all the time. He finds the most ridiculous reason to cause a scene each and every time he comes in and not not let it get to me. She mentioned that she gets nervous every single time she sees him because he can get downright belligerent.

Well so can I. If he comes to my store, I will fuck his shit up.


fortheloveofmotherrussia said: There's this one jerk who comes to our story almost every morning and orders a white mocha steamed to 200 degrees. The first time his drink came through, I told him we couldn't steam it that hot on account the milk would boil over, scald, and injure anyone steaming it. He just glared and said "well So-And-So does it all the time", and threw a fit when I tried to explain how dangerous steaming his drink that hot was. I ended up steaming it to 190 and passing it off anyway. He said it was perfect.

But really… are they gonna pull a thermometer out and check? I love it when they have no idea…


shannoninspace said: I had a customer come in today and order a coffee. He was leaving the parking lot and another customer in the store pointed out he left the coffee on his car and,sure enough it fell over poring down the car. He parked, came back in, and ordered the same drink ready to pay full price for it again! I felt so bad for him and was so happy to see him willing to re pay for the drink (because we've all had those customers who say its our fault) that I gave him the next size up for free.

That was really nice of you! I am sure he probably appreciated it



My response to this submission is underneath.

I’m genuinely baffled at all these strange ways to drink coffee! We don’t really buy into this too much in the UK. Coffee, is coffee. All these syrups & milk makes a ‘coffee’ a fancy milkshake in my view. I went to my local coffee place & they were out of fresh brewed filter. They offered to make me an Americano (urgh) to which I replied, I’ll wait for the filter, Americano isn’t real coffee.’ I heard the barista say to his colleague as I walked away, ‘that’s a girl after my own heart’. Needless to say, that’s is why it’s my favourite independent cafe.

The “Americano” was invented as a sort of insult to Americans who were fighting in Europe during the World Wars. People in the United States hadn’t ever really experienced espresso and were therefore unaccustomed to the taste and intensity. Water was added to mellow it down to suit the Americans’ palates. That said, I happen to find iced Americanos to be much better tasting than iced coffee and to say that it isn’t “real coffee” is kind of snobby because it’s a standard cafe offering.

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