Anonymous said: so i got my free drink and i know you're not a fan of the pumpkin spice, but would a grande psl taste good with 2 pumps wm? or would it taste better with 2 pumps mocha. also, how would a salted caramel mocha taste with pumpkin?

I have no idea because I’m also not a fan of mocha. The wm would be very sweet, and the SCM/PSL would also be incredibly sweet.


inaprilsarms said: Omg today I had a rude couple come in and got two breakfast sandwiches. Then asked for ketchup, salt and pepper. I was like.. This is starbucks not waffle house


Anonymous said: I ordered a croissant way back when Starbucks changed up how they handle pastries and didn't realize they started warming them without asking. When I told the barista that I had wanted mine cold (I was traveling with it) he unapologetically told me that's how they were served now, but trust him, I would like it. I think I rolled my eyes when I said thank you. If he's reading this now, I'm sorry for my attitude. You were right. I've been addicted ever since.

Don’t hold it against him. They are fucking insane about those warming items. They basically instructed us to brow-beat customers who don’t want “warmed” items to be warmed.


So this past saturday I was working dtw and my coworker working dto accidentally rang up this man’s order in two separate transactions, and never told me about it. So I told him and his girlfriend their total and they started getting pissy at me because they ordered three ice coffees (which they got a coffee frap, sooo uh not an ice coffee). I apologized and told them that the order got rang up separately and if they’d want to just pay with two transactions (they were using a starbucks card so they would have gotten more stars anyways). The man started screaming at me how I was a racist and asking what kind of a business I was running. It was mortifying and I was seriously about to cry.



Anonymous said: there's a partner at my store who, when our SM isn't there, likes to yell out the drinks the way the customers would say them. like if someone orders a VBF with R, he'll yell out "i have one medium cotton candy frappe at the bar!" or he'll just say all the drinks backwards and out of order. i know it's way against policy, but it's hilarious, and the look on the customers faces when they see us laughing makes it even better.


Anonymous said: I found another store that calls their blended monster a "Frapelate."

…. how does one even pronounce that?!


Anonymous said: I really love the Starbucks culture and I love being at Starbucks (customer) and I have been contemplating working at one but I get a little apprehensive when I read all of the stores and asks. What are your thoughts? Should I not do it or just try it.

Do it. The reason I stayed with the company as long as I did is because I met some of the best people I’ve ever come across. I work with a group of people I wholeheartedly consider to be my family. I have regulars who I look forward to seeing each and every day and I have moments where I truly regret my decision to leave because it can be a wonderful place to work.

There are just some customers who are complete assholes. And they end up as stories on this blog.


Anonymous said: Today this lady came in and asked for a "venti skinnyvanilla latte" so I'm ok this is going great ,we're having a moment here ,but then she says "with an extra shot of carmel" so at this point I got confused because I thought she wanted a caramel latte since she said an "extra shot of caramel" I then asked her if she wanted a caramel latte and she got pissed cause I didn't understand "her drink" in my mind I was like "um bitch I'm just trying to figure out what u want" plus it's PUMP not shot

Yeah. A shot is 1.5 oz. It drives me nuts when people say “shots” of syrup.


princess-ghostling said: I'm a barista in New Jersey, I didn't hear about the maple latte. Is it only for Canadians?

No. It started out in Canada, and now it’s being test-marketed in several cities in the US in lieu of the Salted Caramel Mocha.


I’ve worked for Starbucks for almost two years, and my current store for just over a year. In the year I’ve worked there, we’ve had three different managers who have all not been great. As you can probably tell, it’s not the best store to work at. None of the managers have been able to stick to my availability, even though I’ve filled out a new form for each of them. The current manager has been the worst with this so far. I’ve filled out two forms for him, and I’ve talked to him three times. My college starts up this week, and I’ve requested the three days off a week I need for it. He gave me two of those three days off. I texted him about it, but never got a reply. So I have to go in tomorrow to talk to him yet again about my availability. I’m so freaking frustrated, and I honestly feel disrespected. I know I’m not the only partner at my store having this problem. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t remember this ever being a problem at my original store.


Anonymous said: The coffee shop I used to work at had a rule that if there was a line and the barista was able, they would aim to speed things up by asking for orders behind the person ordering at the register. If someone was getting a bar drink, they would start making it. It was stupid. People were essentially ordering twice and half the time customers would respond with "I'm just getting a coffee" and would end up ordering a latte or a mocha. Lattes and mochas are NOT 'just coffee'. It was so frustrating.

That’s one of the reasons why Starbucks stopped the practice of “calling the line”. It just confuses things and in my opinion, does little to nothing to actually speed up the line. Open two registers and have both partners/employees taking orders. Then when bar gets a little overwhelmed, the second register can hop on bar.


Anonymous said: Once at work I was serving and making drinks because it was quiet and I started to make 1 vanilla and 1hazelnut latte for a customer. It suddenly turned busy and my co worker had to come and finish them while I served. She mixed up which drink was which flavour then blamed me even though i specifically told her which was which The customer was very nice about it but I was so mad because she embarrassed me infront of a long queue and my co workers (I don't work at Starbucks btw)

I hate it when coworkers throw each other under the bus like that. I’m really sorry that happened to you.


Anonymous said: when is the golden maple latte being rolled out? cuz that sounds hecka good

It should roll out today.


Anonymous said: I go to the sbux my my house fairly often and there's this one barista that's ALWAYS rude. Like where she snorts when I order a drink kids temp and rolls her eyes when people ask for their pastries warmed. I never want to tip her because that behavior doesn't deserve a tip, but since the baristas split tips (and everyone else is super nice!) I do anyways. I just wish there was a way I could let her/the other baristas know that the tip is for THEM, not her.

I mean there’s not really a way to do that since it’s going to partially go to her anyway.


avril-incandenza said: To wanderingwren, about how the gift card scam works. At least in California, if someone has $10 or less on a Sbux card, we have to cash them out, no questions asked. It's under the Functions in the POS. People in my district buy hundreds of dollars of $5 cards, usually with a prepaid/stolen credit card, then cash them out at another store. If the transaction makes you uncomfortable, ask a shift. I tell customers I can't do large gift card transactions and tell them to call corporate to buy them

California is the only state that permits sbux card “buybacks”

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