Anonymous said: you're not the only ones! my stores night crew does everything at night too! and of course when i walk in they'll let me know if i missed anything! but god damn, when i hear stories that morning crew sits in the back for hours! it grinds my fucking gears! theres our cleaning time. no wonder why we score 80 on qasa, fuckers

See, at my store, the majority of the cleaning time belongs to the afternoon/night crew. There just isn’t any time for it during the mornings. We usually have a line when we open and it doesn’t cut down until about noon. Then it comes in spurts after that, but they usually average about 30 customers in the last two hours of our store, which is why openers get REALLY pissed when we walk into a warzone 


theawkward-aries said: Last night I had a customer get extremely angry with me because we didn't have any marshmallow dream bars. She kept telling me to check the back...? And then when I finally convinced her that I wasn't lying to her and we indeed had 0 marshmallow dream bars in the store she left in a huff. Why would you go to Starbucks specifically looking for a marshmallow dream bar? One could go across the street to the grocery store and buy a rice crispy square :/


Anonymous said: Someone shaved in our sink and clogged it. That is just unacceptable behavior and if I had known who it was, I would have scolded them and made them unclog it.


This happened less than half an hour ago during my last transaction on register, as I’m typing this on my lunch break.  I almost never work Saturdays anymore, but this time, I remembered why I cringe doing so: the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most of them are quite pleasant, but this one big family ALWAYS is a huge pack of jerks, especially the mother and the son. They bark at us like we’re servants (snapping their fingers or tapping on the counter to get our attention, expecting their food and drinks to come directly to the table they’re at, and never busing their own war-zone of a table because “that’s the workers’ job”) and they always try to push their pamphlets into our hands or the tip jar.  Today, the mother pulled my boss’ father aside and said “Is this <i>your</i> store?” to which he responded, “Yes it is.”  She asked “Well, who’s that other guy that works here?”  He responded, “That’s my son.  We’re both the owners.”  And she puts her hands on her hips and said “Well. You should tell him that he needs an attitude adjustment because he really isn’t nice.  And you should watch your backs about that, because your patrons will write bad reviews about your lack of customer service. And none of us want that.”

We all side-eyed her, and when my boss came in later from a milk run, I mentioned what she said.  He goes “Oh, is that that one woman with that one kid?”  I said “Yeah, the one who always tries to give us JW flyers.”  He grinned and said “Well there you go. That’s why I’m not nice.”

See, people threaten us with bad Yelp reviews all the time, but unlike Starbucks, bad reviews won’t lead to us being fired or reprimanded.  I really appreciate that our boss sticks to his guns and stands up for his employees, because there’s only four of us.  One person even said “I can’t believe you won’t give me a free refill (in a larger cup, no less). I’m never coming here again. Your customer service sucks.”  And my boss waved at her cheerfully and just said “Ok, bye!”


Anonymous said: My store is within walking distance from schools. Every afternoon is frappageddon.


Anonymous said: (1/2) My store has a huge problem between the openers and closers, and our biggest problem is that midshift won't usually prep us at night, and so not only are we doing our shit, but mid's as well. We're consistently understaffed, and when we asked

(2/2) asked for more staff, our SM just gave us an extra 30 mins to close the door (which sucks, most of our closers are in college too). It really stinks because we aren’t treated as fairly or nicely, yet in my store, the cleanliness lies on us.


Anonymous said: To the person asking about tension between night/morning staff: my store is the absolute worst for that. I work the night shift and we are always getting in trouble for the stupidest things. The morning staff dont have the same expectations as the night staff, but we are the only ones who take the fall. I got written up last week because it was my job to sign the duty roster at the end of the night and missed one signature, but i have never once seen the morning staff sign it.


the-false-mirror said: I once had a customer tell of my co-workers she was a waste of skin because we ran out of white mocha. She was having a rough day and burst into tears. Not to mention there's another Starbucks 10 minutes down the street.

What an ass!


At Home Syrups

To the consumer who asked how to make syrups at home- it’s actually pretty easy! Take equal parts sugar and water and boil together until it reduces to a good consistency- this is your base. If you want it flavored try adding things like a vanilla bean, cinnamon, or something as easy as hazelnut extract. Enjoy!


BOGO means Buy One Get One…which means you BUY ONE to get one. You don’t just get a free PSL/SCM/TOC. FFS.

You just sat in a line of cars for at least ten minutes and can no doubt see the line stretching out behind you and are aware we’re in the middle of a BOGO because you brought it up first, but, please, be my guest and ask us what each drink tastes like and which is our favorite and #$%#^^$#

Likewise, you just stood in line for ten minutes and mentioned that you came in specifically because you didn’t want to sit in the line of cars you passed outside and can see our DT screen filled with the little cartoon cars AND the line of drinks on both hot and cold bars…but, please, be my guest and stare fucking daggers at me until I finally make yours, then snatch it up with a huff and “Finally!” and storm out like I deliberately took as long as possible to make it.



serpentinetigerlily said: I heard through the grapevine (my former coworkers who are shifts, from their most recent meeting) that Sbux is deciding to try and emphasize latte art and is even considering getting industry-standard steaming pitchers. Have you heard anything about this by you? I think it's laughable, and not because it wouldn't be great to see happen and fun for people to learn to do. I feel like it's one more gimmick that Sbux will screw up because of their inconsistent training practices/crap machines.

This is the first I’ve heard about it. And I agree with you.


I’m a lucky person because my entire store is great and I love working with everyone there! My Shifts are great and my manager works super hard to keep us all happy and hard working. That’s why I hate seeing anyone from my workplace (or anyone else in my district) get yelled at. This one time, a lady came in to use the sandwich and drink coupon that we Starbucks sends out sometimes. Her total came to about $5 including taxes and she wanted to pay for it with a $100 bill. I don’t know about you, but our till only carries 5’s and 10’s and all the 20s are tucked away in a different drawer. At that time of day, my till didn’t have enough cash to break a $100. She proceeded to yell at me claiming “YOU’RE STARBUCKS AND YOU CAN’T BREAK A $100?” and I tried explaining to her that my drawer doesn’t carry 20’s, and it’s early in the day so we don’t have a lot over the float amount we started with. 

"That’s ridiculous!" She told me to put her order in the oven and her drink in the queue so she could get change and then left the store. Of course, I can’t really put her stuff in yet because she hasn’t paid for it. Our subsequent morning rush soon followed and she comes back in the middle, CUTTING THROUGH THE LINE OF ABOUT 25 PEOPLE, and proceeds to yell at me for 1. not keeping her tab open (for half an hour) and 2. not putting her order in (which would have been horrendously cold by the time she got back). 

She started yelling at me, in front of about 25 people in line and another 10 or so waiting for their drinks at hand off. My shift proceeds to explain to her the situation, and that she should line up, and then order her food. She spends 10 minutes yelling at my shift instead of me, as I was busy at cash.  

My shift leader took the bullet for me, and almost everyone at the hand off station shamed the lady as well. There’s hope out there, fellow baristas! If some rude people come in claiming to never come back, then heck yeah! It’s not like we want their rude butts in our line anyway. 


Anonymous said: In the first hour of opening, we generally get about 3 regulars and a max. of 15 others. Today was the launch of the iPhone 6 and my store is opposite the Apple Store. We opened the doors at 5:30am as usual and got a two hour rush when there was only our SM (5 years+ experience) and I (in my 7th week) in store. Oh my god. It was kind of fun yet stressful as hell and I wanted to pull my hair out and scream at everyone. Kept my cool and my smile but oh my god. So many "frappers" too. Why


Anonymous said: "Good morning, how can I-" "CARAMEL MACCHIATO." "Absolutely. What size would you like?" "NONFAT." "Alrightly, I can do that. What size can I getcha?" "DO NOT PUT ANY WHIPPED CREAM ON IT" "Of course not, so what size would you like?" "MAKE ONE SHOT DECAF." "So grande? Venti?" "NO FOAM." "Okay, just tell me what size you want and I'll start working on that right away." "CARAMEL MACCHIATO."


Working with shitty shift supervisors and other partners is just as bad as for ever having to decaf assholes.

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